KANJIDIC2.XML - Overview


The main documentation of the KANJIDIC2.XML is included in the DTD as comments. This page is just intended as a summary, and may not always be up-to-date.

The KANJIDIC2 file has the 6,355 kanji from JIS X 0208, the 5,801 kanji from JIS X 0212 and the 3,625 kanji from JIS X 0213 (of which all but 884 are also in JIS X 0212).

At the end of the explanation for a number of fields there is a tag with the format [N]. This indicates the leading letter(s) of the equivalent field in the KANJIDIC and KANJD212 files.

The KANJIDIC documentation should also be read for additional information about the information in the file. It also contains information on the history and contributors.